QITIAN Logistics
Our Services
Shipping and Vessel Agency
We are based in Hong Kong providing Air, Land and Sea Logistics with trust and efficiency.
Clearing and Forwarding
We can act as an agent for our customers for transaction of any business relating to the entry or departure of conveyances or the import or export of goods at a customs station.
Management and Logistics Consulting
Our Senior Management Team has over 50 years of combined experience operating a Logistics Business with utmost trust and efficiency.
Air Transport
Transport services via air are the most valuable when it comes to moving express shipments around the globe we take utmost precaution and we have a dedicated team to help our customers.
Land Transport
We provide local pick up and drop of cargo for our customers. A specific team is dedicated to update customers with every moment. We also provide local warehousing if needed to our customers.
Sea Transport
Ocean freight is far and away the most popular option for shipping goods internationally. Roughly 90% of goods are transported around the world by sea, we try to get the most competitive prices for our customers.
Local Partner
We can help our customers to source products , inspection , local delivery transportation and also provide warehousing facilities like storage, loading and unloading of goods. We can help in negotiating price and other terms on behalf of our customers.
Qitian Logistics
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